One Life – Living It!


Autotrail Delaware motorhomeHello and welcome to my website which is a personal diary/blog of our motorhome adventures around Europe and the UK.

The aim of the website is to share our experiences with family, friends and anyone else that has thoughts of doing the same. We are sharing photos, blogs, practical tips, advice and useful information about travel. I will also be adding pages giving practical hints about touring in a motorhome.

We started travelling 3 years ago for 6 months of the year (out of season) and had been thinking, dreaming and planning this period in our lives for many many years.

We love the flexibility our motorhome provides to follow our heart and to travel without the hassle of schedules.  We enjoy the freedom of setting out on a trip with a rough idea of where we would like to end up but changing our mind if a better or more interesting option appears. We have often been heading in one direction and met up with some fellow travellers along the way who have recommended somewhere and off we go in another direction.

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I have teamed up with Norma Fenwick from My Perfect Travel to offer travel deals based on some of the places I have blogged about.


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