Below are the details of campsites We stayed at Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Campsite:  Vakantiepark, Delftse Hout GPS: N52° 1’ 5” E4° 22’ 45”
Visited April 2018
Lovely campsite within an easy 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike ride into Delft. Good cycle tracks in the area.  Station in Delft to Rotterdam.

Campsite:  Gaasper Camping, Amsterdam GPS: N52° 18’45” E4° 59’ 25”
Visited April 2018
Nice campsite although only warm showers. Metro only 5-minute walk away and Amsterdam is 15 minute on the train. Perfect for Amsterdam.

Kennemer DuinCamping de Lakens, Haarlem, Netherlands  GPS; N52°24’16” E4°33’7”
Visited April 2018
Massive campsite set in sand dunes.  A lovely cycle ride along cycle track running alongside the beach into town turning right out of the site. Bus stop on the other-side of the road opposite campsite into Haarlem.  Plenty of space.

Marina Park, Volendam, Netherlands  (Camperstop).  GPS: N52.48944 E5.05972
Visited April 2018
Really nice camperstop which felt safe. A barrier in and out. Warden collects money each night.  20 euros a night. Lovely walk by marina into Volendam and cycle ride into Edam.

Campsite Wolfsmuhl ACSI, Germany.  GPS: N50°18’54” E7°38’1”
Visited April 2018
Lovely site on a river.  Quiet. 7km from Koblenz.  Entrance down-hill over a railway line.

Park Camping Lindau am See, Lindau, Germany  GPS: N.47.53764 E9.73148  (Start of the Alpine Road)
Visited April 2018
14 euros on stellplatz outside or 30 euros a night on the campsite.  If on stellplatz you can go into the site to use the showers.  Right by the station, bus and cycle track into Lindau town.  Lovely site.

Pfronten Stellplatz, Bavaria  GPS:  N47.59829 E10.55240 (Alpine Road)
Visited April 2018
10 euros a night.  45 spaces.  Nice stellplatz with 1 shower but have to pay for water 50 cents and pay for showers.  Electric 1 euro per 2kw

Oberammergau Stellplatz   GPS: N.47.59028 E11.06861 (Alpine Road)
30 spaces. 1.2km from town. We did not stay here overnight as we parked for the day in the carpark next to the river.

Bad Tolz stellplatz, Bavaria GPS:  N47.76252  E11.55142  (Alpine Road)Visited April 201830 spaces 400 metres from town along the river towpath.  Beautiful spot. Walking, Cycling and you can bring your chairs and tables out to sit by the river.  8 euros a night paid by the ticket machine.  Would definitely go again as such a peaceful site.  Dedicated parking for motorhomes.  Lovely walks up into the countryside.

Camping Resort Zugspitze, Garmich Partenkirchen, Bavaria (Alpine Road)  ACSI Site: GPS: N47°28’49”  E11°3’13”
Visited April 2018
25.60 euros a night or 19E on the Stellplatz. Plus electric
We were given free bus tickets into Garmich.  Nice toilets/showers/laundry.  Aldi right opposite the site.  Beautiful views.

Mittenwald stellplatz, Bavaria, (Alpine Road) GPS: N47.43792  E11.26411
Visited April 2018
13 euros a night paid by the ticket machine.  Car park right by the station although we were not disturbed by the trains at all.  Beautiful scenery around. Nice quiet safe spot. Barrier.   No electric. No showers or toilet.  Service point. Pay 50cents for water.  Would definitely go back.  Favourite town and spot.

Riva del Garda, Italy. Area Comunale, Camperstop (CamperConnect)  N45.879470  E10.858990
Visited May 2018
41 spaces. 50 cents an hour. 12 euros a night.  Max stay 48 hours. Each hour after 48 hours is 5 euros.  Lovely central spot for a town with bars restaurants within 5 min walk. Also, a lovely walk along the lake into Riva del Garda.