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Campsite Details 2018 Trips

Below are the details of campsites We stayed at Spring 2018 Spring 2018 Campsite:  Vakantiepark, Delftse Hout GPS: N52° 1’ 5” E4° 22’ 45” Visited April 2018 Lovely campsite within an easy 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike ride...

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Campsite Details for 2017 Trips

Campsite Details for Spring 2017 Campsite:  Gaasper Camping, Amsterdam GPS: N52° 18’45” E4° 59’ 25” Visited April 2017 Nice campsite although only warm showers. Metro only 5 minute walk away and Amsterdam is 15 minute on the...

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There were great off-road cycle lanes running alongside the beach in both directions one into Albufera National Park and the other direction straight into Valencia.  There was also a bus stop right outside the entrance to the site which we used a couple of times to take the 20-minute journey into the Old Town and Arts & Sciences complex.

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Bonterra Park, Benicassim

Bonterra Park campsite in Benicassim is one of our favourite destinations. I think we have probably visited 5 out of the 6 trips we have done so far and if we were to stay long-term at a site this would be one of them.
It’s brilliantly situated between the beach and town.

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Tarragona, Spain

There are many Roman ruins in Tarragona, old columns part of the walls etc. but the Roman Amphitheatre is the most interesting and impressive among them.  It was built in the second century and excavated in 1952.  It’s a well-preserved example of Tarragona’s impressive Roman heritage.

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Solaris Beach Resort, Sibenik

The resort is massive with several forms of accommodation including hotels, apartments, cabins, bungalows, pre-erected tents and the camping area for tents, motorhomes and caravans.

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