Google Translate App

googletranslate-appI’ve just downloaded the google translate app and wish I had discovered it earlier. I am a bit late I know but wonder how many others know how good it is.

I have always just typed google translate into a browser to find words while in the supermarket or off the menu (although I haven’t always had a wifi connection to do it).

With this app I can talk to my phone and get an instant translation read out loud.  I can type a word or phrase and get it translated between 103 languages with one tap. I can also take a photo of text for a high quality translation in 37 languages.  Even better I can download the language of the country we are in for when I haven’t got an internet connection.

Shame I’ve only just discovered it and we are nearing the end of our trip now.  Oh well it will be very useful from now on.

Download the Google Translate App here