Tarragona, Spain


Campsite Torre de la Mora, Tarragona, Costa Dorada area

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Campsite Torre de la Mora, Tarragona

Ray enjoying the sun outside the motorhome

Generally, we don’t like really big campsites but when we pulled onto Torre de la Mora we felt comfortable and at home straight away.  We found a lovely pitch right near the beach so that we could see the beautiful turquoise sea from the motorhome.  We chose the second row back as the front row was an extra 4.50 euros a night and we felt we were near enough.

Campsite Torre de la Mora, Tarragona

View from the campsite Torre de la Mora

I think the reason the campsite felt so cosy and comfortable was that it was in sections with some terrace pitches.  The location was so beautiful overlooking two bays and built out on a headland with beautiful pine trees throughout the site. – I think you would agree.

Campsite Torre de la Mora, Tarragona

Campsite Torre de la Mora

The site was very well run and maintained throughout with helpful staff.  The security was visible but not obtrusive.  Excellent access to a very nice clean, sandy beach.  We used to watch the tractor going up and down cleaning the beach each morning.

Plenty of entertainment for the family with tennis, football and basketball, also tables for table tennis.


The pool at Torre de la Mora Campsite

As well as a nice clean shower/toilet block, washing machines and a well-stocked supermarket, the pool complex is superb.  The beautiful swimming pool is located across the small, quiet road from the site.  It is more like a pool you would find in a luxury hotel in the Caribbean with lots of lovely palm trees creating shade from the hot sun in the summer months.


View from one of the terraces at Campsite Torre de la Mora


Swimming pool at Campsite Torre de la Mora


Swimming Pool at Campsite Torre de la Mora

Something that pleased Ray was that they had a car/motorhome wash on site. As the motorhome was filthy after our drive through France he cleaned it before we left for our next campsite, we need not have worried though as there was one on the next site.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a UK campsite in-fact they discourage you from cleaning your caravans and motorhomes on most campsites in the UK

The only downside was that the local area just outside looked a little run down but that could have been because it is out of season and not everything is open yet.

In fact, we were very spoilt here as it was such a wonderful location.  There were local restaurants and bars just 5 minutes walk from the site on the beach front. A bus stop where you can take a bus into Tarragona just a 5-minute walk away. The bus fare into Tarragona was just £3 euros return each.  From there you could get the train into Barcelona which is a lot less stressful than trying to park and the journey is only an hour on the train from there with beautiful views of the coast along the way.

The campsite also has cabins available for hire which is great for people flying in or driving down from the ferry.


Camping pitches at Campsite Torre de la Mora

We took the bus into Tarragona on our second day which took approximately 20 minutes. We got a bus timetable from reception and they also gave us a map of the city and explained which bus stop to get on the bus and which to get off in the village outside.

Exploring Tarragona City

Tarragona is a port city located in the north-east of Spain on the Mediterranean Coast not far from Barcelona.


Ruins at Tarragona

It was such an interesting city to wander around especially the charming alleys of the historic quarter.  We were advised to get off the bus at the bottom of the Rambla Nova as from there we could walk into the Old Town and see the many ancient ruins and remains from its time as Tarraco under the Romans.


Tarragona Old Town leading up to the Cathedral

We headed off into the Old Town to the Cathedral first and sat outside a little café enjoying the sun and a coffee before moving on to some of the other sites.


Cathedral, Tarragona

Cathedral, Tarragona

Cathedral, Tarragona


Roman Amphitheatre, Tarragona


Roman Amphitheatre, Tarragona

There are many Roman ruins in Tarragona, old columns part of the walls etc. but the Roman Amphitheatre is the most interesting and impressive among them.  It was built in the second century and excavated in 1952.  It’s a well-preserved example of Tarragona’s impressive Roman heritage.  Many of the seating areas are still intact. Its capacity was from twelve and up to thirteen thousand spectators.  The ruins of the Roman amphitheatre are located between the sea and the old town of Tarragona.  It really did look impressive with the backdrop of the sea.

In old times different kinds of shows were held here – gladiator fights, wild animal hunts (it was built near the beach where the animals disembarked at the end).  It’s hard to believe that this beautiful site was also a place of public executions, something that people enjoyed watching back then.


Praetorium and Roman Circus

Near to the Amphitheatre is the Praetorium and Roman Circus.  The Roman circus was built in the 1st century AD and it was 300 metres long.  Here chariot races were held between different teams.  The races could be dangerous and sometimes competitors died.  Some of the vaults of the circus are well preserved and other parts of the structure have been incorporated in buildings constructed later.


Praetorium is a tower

The Praetorium is a tower, first constructed by the Romans and later added to.  It has been used as a feudal castle and later as the King’s castle.  It has also been used as barracks and a prison.  The view over Tarragona from the top is very nice.


Me sitting next to the Statue on La Rambla

La Rambla Nova is the main avenue of Tarragona.  It is 45 metres wide with a beautiful tree-lined walkway in the middle.  Walking along La Rambla we passed fountains, sculptures (The Monument of the Human Tower is one of them), shops and cafes.  We took our time in this area as we had done a lot of walking so kept sitting down on the many benches to rest and just take in our surroundings and the lovely detail in some of the buildings also to watch people stroll by.


Human Tower


Human Tower

Every second year there is a big Human Tower Contest in Tarragona.  The human castles built are called Castellers and they can be over six metres high.  The person on top is usually a child.  There is a life-size sculpture of a human tower made by the artist Francesc Angles in 1999 on the Rambla Nova.

Another place to see is the Diocesan Museum which was founded in 1844 and has an impressive collection of Roman artefacts, paintings, tapestries, woodcarvings etc. There is also a lovely garden in the middle of the cloister.

We preferred to walk around Tarragona and just taking breaks when we were tired but there is a small tourist train that goes around the main attractions situated at the bottom of La Rambla.


Ruins at Tarragona




Building on La Rambla